Funko POP News Micro Update 44.0

Hope you’re having a great week! Try not to get too handsy, there’s enough Funko POP News news to go around! Coming get a few micro stories for the day.

  1. Our second giveaway is ending at midnight tonight (EST)! Make sure you’re entered to win The Arrow Funko POP, winner will be contacted via email and announced once they are confirmed, good luck!
  2. Funko has released their second teaser trailer for their March Legion of Collectors box with the theme of “Superman”!
  3. The page at Hot Topic for their Exclusive Zombie Kenny Funko POP has now appeared, he’s going live soon i hope.
  4. The same with Hot Topic’s Baymax Dorbz Exclusive who glows in the dark!
    1. On the same topic, this confirms that HT Baymax Dorbz will be limited to 2,000 pieces continuing Hot Topic’s limited Dorbz trend.
  5. Galactic Toys Exclusive orange shirt Goku Funko POP is now back in stock!
  6. Missed some exclusive in the USA? Well don’t worry FPI has some new Dorbz on sale.
    1. The very limited NYCC 2016 Banana Splits Feelgle Dorbz Ridez is in stock.
    2. The Animetasia exclusive golden haired Ghost Rider Dorbz.
    3. The Nerd Block exclusive NES Jason Vorhees Dorbz.
  7. Barnes & Noble exclusive Chirrut Imwe POP Tee has been spotted in stores, hopefully Mummy Batman Dorbz appear too!
  8. Funko Galactic Plushies have already been spotted in stores, these ones are in Target.
  9. Collector Corps have released a teaser image for their February Showdowns box, a brand new character?
  10. Early concept sketch of Han Solo on Tauntaun!
  11. Recent article reveals they are releasing a never before seen Jedi Funko POP!
    1. Direct quote says “Recently, the two teams went back and forth on the correct shade of beige for a character’s pants. But the secrecy surrounding upcoming releases prevented Robben from finishing the story. “He’s a Jedi that we’ve never done before,” he hints.”
  12. Funko has released a video featuring “Jon and Yoko” showing their favorite Funko products of the year.
    1. Funko best of 2016 competition details “Take a selfie with your favorite Funko item from 2016and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #Funko2016
      for the chance to win a mystery Pop! prototype!FIVE winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 17th!”
  13. Hot Cash is starting tomorrow, Wednesday morning! Hot Cash codes are here.

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