Funko Adds to their New Line! Star Wars Galactic Plushies!

What comes after the Super Cute plushies? Well it’s the Star Wars Galactic Plushies!

Though i’m assuming these are supposed to be cute too, Funko only gave the name Super Cute Plushies to the Disney line. What are you trying to say Funko? Is plush Maz Kanata not cute to you? Shocking news indeed. These are one of 3 plush lines Funko is coming out with, though confusingly named. There are Super Cute Plushies, Galactic Plushies and Hero Plushies. So as a line i suppose we just call them plushies .. which is a rather generic term. Regardless, if you’re a Funko and a Plush fan these should be good for you! I mean they seem cuter than the Mopeez at least, i thought about collecting one of the plush lines from Funko but i just have too many already! Are these a hit or a miss? Let me know, glam shots and info coming up!

Classic Star Wars – Funko Galactic Plushies

  • Rarities
    • Darth Vader – 2/9
    • Boba Fett – 2/9
    • C-3P0 – 1/9
    • Han Solo – 1/9
    • Princess Leia – 1/9
    • Chewbacca – 2/9

Modern Star Wars – Funko Galactic Plushies

  • Rarities
    • First Order Trooper – 1/9
    • Kylo Ren – 2/9
    • BB-8 – 2/9
    • Finn – 1/9
    • Rey – 2/9
    • Maz Kanata – 1/9

Official line from Funko

These stylized plushies have come from a galaxy
far, far away — introducing Galactic Plushies!

Joining SuperCute and Hero Plushies, the first waves of these 7-8″
high-quality plushies feature favorite characters from Star Wars!

Galactic Plushies are a must-have for any Star Wars fan!

Collect them all today!

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