Funko POP News Micro Update 42.0

Having a good weekend i would hope! Take some complimentary micro Funko POP News for the day!

  1. Target Exclusive GITD 6″ Tyrant POP coming soon, find out when it’s in stock here!
  2. Toy Wars deals!
    1. Toys Wars having a sale, use code POP3 to get $3 off any non pre-order POP!
    2. Pre order the 8 GOTG2 POPs for just $64 with free shipping here, just use coupon code GOTG20.
    3. Power Rangers Movie set of five pre-order just $40, use code PR20.
    4. Lost 7 Pre Order set only $56 and free shipping with code LOST20.
    5. Fallout 4 set of 6 POPs including a 6″ POP only $43 with code FALLOUT20.
  3. Funko previews set of 3 Star Wars POPs! In classic toy colors that we revealed a few days ago, now there is an image of the 3 POPs and rumored to be a Walmart exclusive 3 Pack.
  4. Some Walmart preview links have appeared! Links to upcoming products at Walmart.
    1. Funko POP Star Wars: 3 Pack – Tarfful, Unhooded Emperor, Utapau Clonetrooper Walmart Exclusive
    2. Funko POP Star Wars: Cantina 3 Pack – Greedo, Hammerhead, Walrus Man Walmart Exclusive
    3. Funko POP Games: Street Fighter – Blanka (Blue and Green) Walmart Exclsusive
    4. Funko Dorbz Ridez: X-Men – Blackbird Jet w/ Beast Walmart Exclusive
    5. Funko Dorbz: Power Rangers – Red Ranger Glow in the Dark Walmart Exclusive
    6. Funko Dorbz: Power Rangers – Pink Ranger Glow in the Dark Walmart Exclusive
    7. Funko Pint Size Heroes: Power Rangers Walmart Exclusive – One Mystery Figure
  5. New Walmart exclusive revealed, Pink Raven Dorbz from Teen Titans GO!
  6. ECCC 2017 Exclusive T Shirt now available to pre-order!
  7. Just 2 days left until our giveaway ends and a winner is chosen.
  8. Hot Topic exclusive Thunder Beam Mega Man is now out!
  9. Rock Candy list updated to completion again.
  10. Funko reveals their Mini Darth Vader Hikari process drawing of how they came to the final result.

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