Dr Seuss Fox in Socks Funko POP! First Look!

Dr. Zaius is in town ! Welcome your new ape overlords .. oh wrong doctor! I mean it’s the new Dr Seuss Fox in Socks Funko POP!

Come get a glance as just one of the upcoming Dr. Seuss Funko POPs! And there’s not only POPs coming .. but Dorbz and Mystery Minis too. It’s nice to see some new POPs actually come into the books line, as you can see Fox in Socks is #7. But the books line has been around for years, with the number of Seuss POPs planned we’re going to finally pass that #10 mark and beyond! I know many children and adults who will be interested in these, regardless of the age of the books many POP collectors grew up with Dr. Seuss. And with the children side, it’s nice to have POPs that they may appreciate .. or .. to decorate their room far out of their reach! What are your thoughts? Glam shot and info coming up!

Dr. Seuss – Fox in Socks #7 – Click me to see!

Here’s a quick list of 4 more that are coming!

  1. POP Books: Dr Seuss Sam I Am
  2. POP Books: Dr Seuss Horton 6in
  3. POP Books: Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat
  4. POP Books: Dr Seuss Other Guy
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