Barnes & Noble Exclusive Bloody Negan Funko POP! Out Now!

Here’s your chance to bring Lucille home with some added ketchup, Barnes & Noble Exclusive Bloody Negan Funko POP!

The Walking Dead season 7 POPs were announced back in September, but never any exclusives! They kept those under wraps, but today we can bring you the first TWD exclusive of the year. Negan and his little friend are popping up in Barnes and Noble stores here and there, but why wait? You can grab him online right now. I’m sure everyone has their opinions about the merit of flicking a little red paint on a POP and calling it an exclusive, but this will probably be the preferred version for Negan fans no doubt! Glam shot and info coming up!

The Walking Dead – Bloody Negan #390 (Barnes & Noble Exclusive) $9.95 – Click me to buy!

Barnes & Noble Exclusive Bloody Negan Funko POP 390

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