Day: January 6, 2017

Funko POP News Micro Update 40.0

Update 40 already? How did we get here .. certainly not from Funko rehab! Have some micro Funko POP News for the day! Updated throughout the day if new things come up! Glow in the Dark GameStop exclusive Night King from GOT is available on the HBO store now for $11.99. Funko released a video showing […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Ursula Funko Dobrz! Coming April!

Continuing with the limited figures you can look forward to the Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Ursula Funko Dobrz!

Limited to just 2,000 pieces! Hype alert! Though truth be told, that’s a lot. Zebra Batman Dorbz was limited to 1,500 pieces months ago and he’s still around $20, same as the Voyager Moana Dorbz. But she is metallic .. and Funko collectors, like Magpies do like shiny things! If you don’t know what i’m talking about, i’m referencing the original limited Dorbz they did which was the Metallic Maleficent. She’s going for quite a healthy $50 or so on eBay right now, sadly i never got her. She was gone very fast, but limited Dorbz since then have stayed around for a good amount of time. It was mostly speculators who jumped on the Metallic Maleficent (those wishing to profit), i’m sure the majority of them are sitting in a pile in some guys room trying to sell them all! Regardless i look forward to grabbing Ursula as she seems pretty awesome, and good luck to those who want her! Glam shot and info coming up!

Disney’s The Little Mermaid – Metallic Ursula Dorbz #051 (Hot Topic Exclusive LE 2,000) $9.90 – Click me to see!

Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Ursula Funko Dobrz 51


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Funko Specialty Series Wave 8! Herry Monster & Jiminy Cricket!

It’s that time again, Funko Specialty Series Wave 8 is here!

What have they brought us today? Well, as usual, another POP and Dorbz of course. I can’t see that system changing, but as we edge closer to month 12, maybe they will do something special for the year anniversary? We shall see. What’s this, the POP is from Sesame Street? Well that is a surprise, Sesame Street POPs are certainly few and far between, a rarity you could say. He will definitely be popular, and not just because he’s a Herry Monster in his underwear! Next is Jiminy Cricket from Disney’s Pinochle, a fun little guy for sure. I will as usual be picking these up to keep my Specialty Series collection complete!

I normally get mine from Forbidden Planet UK which i can wholeheartedly recommend, and even more so now for people in the USA since the Dollar to Pound rate is so high right now. From there it will cost you around $26.50 shipped to the USA for both. If you want another option i would say Woozy Moo, here you can get them for around$25.50 delivered. Links will be down below! Glam shots and info coming up!

Sesame Street – Herry Monster #11 (Specialty Series Exclusive) – Click me to buy from FP!Click me to buy from WM!

Funko Specialty Series Wave 8 Herry Monster 11

Disney’s Pinocchio – Jiminy Crickey #310 (Specialty Series Exclusive) – Click me to buy from FP!Click me to buy from WM!


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GameStop Exclusive Resident Evil Hunter Funko POP! Out Now!

Finally we can start seeing some evil with the just released GameStop Exclusive Resident Evil Hunter Funko POP! Coming in at an over-sized 6 inches (no connotations implied) the Hunter from Resident Evil will pack quite a punch in your collection! Judging from the images he will certainly be one of the bigger 6″ POPs, i’m […]

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Walmart Exclusive Skelita Calaveras Funko POP! Out Now!

Discover your monstrous side with the now released Walmart Exclusive Skelita Calaveras Funko POP! Still waiting on that Alpha 5 exclusive? Maybe this will appease your appetite for exclusives! Skelita Calaveras from the surprisingly popular Monster High series, if you’ve ever been into a toy section .. pretty much anywhere, then you will know of Monster High. […]

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GameStop Exclusive Atomic Fire Mega Man Funko Dorbz! Out Now!

As predicted, next on the Mega Man roster is the GameStop Exclusive Atomic Fire Mega Man Funko Dorbz! We mentioned in a previous article that since GameStop had done a Fire and Ice Mega Man POP that it was only a matter of time before he came to Dorbz form, so now all we do is […]

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