Funko POP News Micro Update 37.0

Happy Tuesday! Or is it?! Have some micro Funko POP News to settle your nerves for the day.

  1. I’ve added the official glam shots for Black Bolt and Classic Luke Cage to my original thread!
  2. Funko have released a teaser video for their January Legion of Collectors “Superman” box.
  3. On the same note .. but Collector Corps this time, they have released a teaser for their February “Showdown” box.
  4. Thanks to /u/molrobocop images have come to light of a gift Funko got their employees, Funko themed chocolate!
  5. Funko have announced their winners for the Christmas decorations giveaway! Check below to see some awesome Christmas Funko themed decorations.
    1. Winners
    2. Runner Ups
  6. Funko Brian has announced that they are going to be re-releasing certain classic Star Wars figures, but this time they are going to be re-colored to more closely match the toy colors.

Read more to see more! Including our Amazon picks of the day.

Here are our 8 Amazon deals of the day, what will we find?

  1. Star Wars Rogue One Baze Malbus $6.25
  2. Disney’s The Lion King Simba $8.59
  3. Avengers Age of Ultron Hulkbuster $33.56
  4. POP Movies The Crow $7.57
  5. Harry Potter Dementor $8.92
  6. Star Wars Force Awakens BB-8 $8.10
  7. POP Rocks Amy Winehouse $8.18
  8. Daredevil TV Red Suit POP $7.59

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