Month: December 2016

PX Previews Exclusive Superman Funko POP! First Look!

Come get a little pic at the just released PX Previews Exclusive Superman Funko POP! Here we have the first look at this latest PX exclusive, this figure is part of a set from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. In total there are 7 figures in this set! The first five were released a few weeks […]

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Funko POP News Micro Update 31.0

What? December 25th? Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got all the POPs (and maybe other things) that you wanted! Here are the Christmas Day stories, not many of course .. as it’s .. you know. GameStop is having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale on a variety of items, […]

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New Marvel PX Preview Exclusive Funko POPs! Coming Early 2017!

Time for a little news on the upcoming diamond line, with some Marvel PX Preview Exclusive Funko POPs! The 5 POPs you see below are all PX Previews exclusive POPs, so that of course means if you want them you’re either going to have to A; pop to your local comic book store and pre-order them […]

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Funko POP News Micro Update 30.0

Issue 30 already? How time flies, come enjoy some micro Funko POP News for today! Happy Holidays! Funko releases short holiday video. Funko announces the release of their latest Hikari, the Steel Night King. Looks pretty cool for a Hikari! Here are some new un-announced POPs for you! Rita Repulsa from the upcoming Power Rangers Movie […]

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Walmart Exclusive Chrome Imperial Death Trooper Funko POP! Out Now!

Wanna get your claws into this long awaited figure? Well now’s your chance as the Walmart Exclusive Chrome Imperial Death Trooper Funko POP is now out! Yes you heard that right, he is finally out! So cancel any other deals you made, or overseas purchases and grab him today from Walmart. This coincides with him being […]

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Toys R Us Exclusive White Raven Funko Dorbz! Out Now!

Get your hands on a little Teen Titans rarity with the new Toys R Us Exclusive White Raven Funko Dorbz! She’s not the White Raven POP! You wish. But she’s almost as good, it’s White Raven in Dorbz form. Out of the full line of Teen Titans Dorbz (there’s 8 of them) she is the only […]

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Disney’s Big Hero 6 Funko Dorbz! Coming February!

Time for some more Disney with a touch of Marvel added in with the upcoming Big Hero 6 Funko Dorbz!

It’s nice to see these are finally coming around! They’ve been lingering on the Funko pre-order list for several months, so it was speculated they were cancelled. But as usual, that was not the case and it was just a long delay. Seems we’re going to have a whole 4 different variants of Baymax for you and then little Hiro hanging on at the end, it does seem inevitable that they will add the other characters. From looking at the pictures Armored Baymax seems like he might be metallic .. which would just be awesome! I can’t imagine them adding that shine for any other reason .. it usually always means metallic, perhaps the same with Hiro Hamada too. Aside from that we have a Hot Topic GITD exclusive and a chase, the chase has the usual Dorbz rate of 1 in 6 so he should be attainable if you really want him. Glam shots and info coming up!

Big Hero 6 – Armored Baymax #187

Big Hero 6 – Baymax #188

Big Hero 6 – Chase Emote Baymax #188

Big Hero 6 – GITD Baymax #188 (Hot Topic Exclusive) $9.90

Big Hero 6 – Armored Hiro Hamada #189


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New Harry Potter Keychains & Pen Toppers! Coming Soon!

Express your wizarding side with these New Harry Potter Keychains and Pen Toppers from Funko!

Funko continues its march into the Harry Potter fans bank accounts, this time with some new Pen Toppers and Pocket POPs to accompany the latest line of POPs. These products mark the second wave of Pen Toppers and Keychains for the HP line, as my wife is a huge HP fan i usually pay extra attention to what is happening with this line! Hopefully we will have another wave of POP rides too .. or who knows, maybe the Dragon ride with Harry, Ron and Hermione will finally be released as it has been on pre-order lists for a long time. What items are you hoping to see from the Harry Potter world? Maybe a HP Ghosts line? We will see. Glam shots and info coming up!

Harry Potter – Quidditch Pen Toppers (Wave Two)

Harry Potter – Severus Snape Pocket POP Keychain

New Harry Potter Keychains

Harry Potter – Azkaban Albus Dumbledore Pocket POP Keychain

Harry Potter – Dementor Pocket POP Keychain


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Funko POP News Micro Update 29.0

Just 2 days until Christmas Day! Must be a true Funko fan, come enjoy your daily Funko POP News! Legion of Collectors has released another trailer for their DC Legacy January box. Funko Brian’s day 11 and penultimate reveals Modern & Classic Sonic POPs Tekken POPs Dragon Age POPs Destiny POPs Five Nights at Freddy’s […]

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Disney Themed Funko MyMojis! Coming January!

Maybe the boost this line needs? Disney Themed Funko MyMojis coming to you soon!

They’re cute (kind of), they’re round, they’re unnecessary it’s MyMoji from Funko! And this time they are Disney themed. I say it needed a boost because this line hasn’t exactly been doing well, has it? I guess it’s possible MyMojis are doing well in some far off place i haven’t heard of but from what i’ve seen no ones really investing in them in any serious way. I was surprised that they are doing Disney ones, as they do bare a slight resemblance to the TsumTsum that Disney has been exploding onto every shelf it can. Regardless, having Disney in on the MyMojis line can only help, i mean this style is pretty perfect for Mickey Mouse it’s basically the Disney logo in toy form. What do you think? Glam shot and info coming up!

Disney – Funko MyMoji

Disney Themed Funko MyMojis


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