Funko POP News Micro Update 34.0

Happy News Years Eve everyone! Here’s a little micro Funko POP News for the dedicated Funko fans.

  1. Not on sale yet, but the page for the Hot Topic Exclusive Flocked Winnie the Pooh is up.
  2. On the same note, you may notice the Flocked Winnie the Pooh is $16.50. It seems flocked POPs have risen in price again!
  3. The page for the Hot Topic Exclusive Logan POP is also up! Going on sale soon no doubt.
  4. Photos of all the new Power Ranger POPs from the upcoming movie have come out as they are now on sale in some GameStops. (Red ranger up close)
  5. One person found GameStop exclusive White Headband Ryu in their local Think Geek shop, he should be hitting stores soon keep an eye out!
  6. Some Walmarts are discounting their Black Friday mystery box down to $10! Grab one if you can, i still have yet to find one!
  7. GameStop is set to have an exclusive “Tele” version of all 5 power rangers, Tele is assumed to mean teleportation. I look forward to seeing these.
  8. GameStop also seem to be having another exclusive POP for the upcoming Mass Effect game.

Read more to see more! Including our Amazon pick of the day.

Here are our 8 Amazon deals of the day, what will we find?

  1. Emperor Ming from Flash Gordon POP $4.96
  2. Shaun of the Dead Ed Dorbz $4.97 (1 in 6 chance for a chase)
  3. Fallout Series 1 Mystery Minis $4.99 (Becoming harder to find)
  4. POP Heroes – The Phantom in Blue POP $5.63
  5. Disney’s Alice Dorbz $4.32 (Chance of chase)
  6. One of my recent faves, the Disney Villains Mystery Minis only $3.50
  7. A Disney princess, the Pocahontas Pocket POP Keychain $3.70
  8. She’s an Orc in a Bikini, it’s the Barnes & Noble Exclusive Garona Biki Dorbz only $6.00 .. from Amazon

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