Day: December 31, 2016

Barnes & Noble Exclusive Heffalump Funko POP! Out Now!

A figure from one of the cutest lines to grace us in 2016, it’s the Barnes & Noble Exclusive Heffalump Funko POP! Probably a must have for me, not just that i like collecting primarily Exclusives but it has to be one of the cuter POPs i’ve seen in a while. Not that Heffalump doesn’t have […]

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Disney Parks Exclusive Jolly Roger Funko POP! Coming 2017!

Set sail on the seven seas with the new upcoming Disney Parks Exclusive Jolly Roger Funko POP!

Disney are adding to their ever increasing line of parks exclusive Funko POPs, with an announcement today that showed us a preview of next years figure. What figure you may ask? Well it is a POP of Jolly Roger from the Pirates of the Caribbean films! You can be sure that this will only be the start of Parks exclusive POPs, i expect many more in 2017. They’re always fun to see as Disney is certainly one of the most interesting lines, but this can be of some contention with Funko collectors. Mainly because they’re exclusive to Disney Parks and some Disney shops, this makes it difficult for all but a few to get their hands on them without resorting to eBay! Are you going to be grabbing this one? I wonder .. shots and info coming up!

Disney originally made the announcement on their Instagram page right here!

Pirates of the Caribbean – Jolly Roger #258 (Disney Parks Exclusive)

Disney Parks Exclusive Jolly Roger Funko POP


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Funko POP News Micro Update 34.0

Happy News Years Eve everyone! Here’s a little micro Funko POP News for the dedicated Funko fans.

  1. Not on sale yet, but the page for the Hot Topic Exclusive Flocked Winnie the Pooh is up.
  2. On the same note, you may notice the Flocked Winnie the Pooh is $16.50. It seems flocked POPs have risen in price again!
  3. The page for the Hot Topic Exclusive Logan POP is also up! Going on sale soon no doubt.
  4. Photos of all the new Power Ranger POPs from the upcoming movie have come out as they are now on sale in some GameStops. (Red ranger up close)
  5. One person found GameStop exclusive White Headband Ryu in their local Think Geek shop, he should be hitting stores soon keep an eye out!
  6. Some Walmarts are discounting their Black Friday mystery box down to $10! Grab one if you can, i still have yet to find one!
  7. GameStop is set to have an exclusive “Tele” version of all 5 power rangers, Tele is assumed to mean teleportation. I look forward to seeing these.
  8. GameStop also seem to be having another exclusive POP for the upcoming Mass Effect game.

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Hot Topic Exclusive Thunder Beam Mega Man Dorbz! Out Now!

Here, have a little friend for your Mega Man collection with the Hot Topic Exclusive Thunder Beam Mega Man Dorbz!

Is this the start of a long line of Dorbz Mega Mans? It very well could be. They’ve released pretty much all the Mega Man variants as POPs already, so Dorbz seems to be the next step. What will the next Dorbz be hm .. Boomerang, Ice Slasher and Fire Storm no doubt! Another thing about this POP is that it’s limited to 2,000 pieces, this seems to be an ever increasing thing with Hot Topic as the majority of their exclusive Dorbz lately have all been limited. Zebra Batman, Moana and Rainbow Batman to name a few. What do you think about them making every variant in both POP and Dorbz form, should they do both or do something to differentiate them? Glam shots and info coming up!

Mega Man – Thunder Beam Mega Man #270 (Hot Topic Exclusive LE 2,000) $9.90 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Thunder Beam Mega Man Dorbz 270


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