An Offer You Can’t Refuse. The Godfather Funko POPs! First Look!

Some friends are coming to join you from a little known film, The Godfather Funko POPs!

I’m sure you’ve never heard of this film, but it’s apparently quite popular! Sarcasm of course, Funko continues with its stampede through every classic film imaginable. This time with the major classic that is, The Godfather. We are being treated to three members of the Corleone family, of course .. there are many others they could do. But as usual they always like to test the water, whether we see more POPs from a certain film or area depends on how well they do! Even though it is a classic film, Movie and Television POPs are notorious for low sale and a common place in the clearance sections. But who knows, we shall see how these guys fare in the POP world. Did Funko miss a trick or character with this line? Glam shots and info coming up!

Update: Added Fredo Corleone and improved everyone’s photos!

The Godfather – Vito Corleone #389

The Godfather – Michael Corleone #390

The Godfather – Sonny Corleone #391

The Godfather – Fredo Corleone #392

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2 thoughts on “An Offer You Can’t Refuse. The Godfather Funko POPs! First Look!

  1. Where can I buy The Godfather collection

    1. Nowhere yet! Soon at Toy Wars ~

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