Get Your Sunblock Ready. Blade Funko POP! Coming Soon!

Your favorite vampire hunter is coming home, eagerly await the Blade Funko POP!

This is the fifth and last Funko POP to be revealed on the back of the Ms Marvel box (click here if you want to see), which we saw quite some time ago! It featured Iron Fist, Classic Luke Cage, Ms Marvel, Black Bolt and finally Blade! As of this moment it is unknown if he is going to be a PX Previews exclusive .. or anyone’s exclusive for that matter. We do know that Iron Fist, Classic Luke Cage and Black Bolt are PX exclusives and Ms Marvel is a Walgreens exclusive. So that would lead me to believe he may be an exclusive somewhere at least! All will be revealed in the coming days no doubt, judging from the looks of him seems they are going with a classic Marvel look for Blade and stepping aside from the Wesley Snipes movies. What do you think about him? Glam shot and info coming up!

Marvel’s Blade – Blade #192 (PX Previews Exclusive)

Blade Funko POP 192

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Sunblock Ready. Blade Funko POP! Coming Soon!

  1. I don’t hate it, but I probably would prefer to have one based on the Wesley Snipes version instead. Out of the different media I’ve seen Blade in that’s definitely my favorite version of the character. But this one still looks pretty cool too, so if a POP based on movie version never materializes then I might get this one eventually.

    1. I agree know i loved the film! I can see why they might try and steer away from it but they can’t pretend it didn’t happen. One of the first great comic movies there was!

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