New Harry Potter Keychains & Pen Toppers! Coming Soon!

Express your wizarding side with these New Harry Potter Keychains and Pen Toppers from Funko!

Funko continues its march into the Harry Potter fans bank accounts, this time with some new Pen Toppers and Pocket POPs to accompany the latest line of POPs. These products mark the second wave of Pen Toppers and Keychains for the HP line, as my wife is a huge HP fan i usually pay extra attention to what is happening with this line! Hopefully we will have another wave of POP rides too .. or who knows, maybe the Dragon ride with Harry, Ron and Hermione will finally be released as it has been on pre-order lists for a long time. What items are you hoping to see from the Harry Potter world? Maybe a HP Ghosts line? We will see. Glam shots and info coming up!

Harry Potter – Quidditch Pen Toppers (Wave Two)

Harry Potter – Severus Snape Pocket POP Keychain

New Harry Potter Keychains

Harry Potter – Azkaban Albus Dumbledore Pocket POP Keychain

Harry Potter – Dementor Pocket POP Keychain

Official line from Funko

Pop! Keychains: Harry Potter

Take the magic of Hogwarts with you wherever you
go with Harry Potter Pop! Keychains!

Choose from the wise headmaster Albus Dumbledore;
Potions Master Severus Snape; or a Dementor, a
guard of the wizard prison Azkaban!

Coming this winter!

Pop! Pen Toppers: Quidditch Harry Potter

Add some flair to your to-do list with
Harry Potter Pop! Pen Toppers!

Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Draco are ready
for the Quidditch pitch!

Collect them all this winter!

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