Disney Themed Funko MyMojis! Coming January!

Maybe the boost this line needs? Disney Themed Funko MyMojis coming to you soon!

They’re cute (kind of), they’re round, they’re unnecessary it’s MyMoji from Funko! And this time they are Disney themed. I say it needed a boost because this line hasn’t exactly been doing well, has it? I guess it’s possible MyMojis are doing well in some far off place i haven’t heard of but from what i’ve seen no ones really investing in them in any serious way. I was surprised that they are doing Disney ones, as they do bare a slight resemblance to the TsumTsum that Disney has been exploding onto every shelf it can. Regardless, having Disney in on the MyMojis line can only help, i mean this style is pretty perfect for Mickey Mouse it’s basically the Disney logo in toy form. What do you think? Glam shot and info coming up!

Disney – Funko MyMoji

Disney Themed Funko MyMojis

Official line from Funko

Collect your favorite Disney characters and their
wide range of emotions as MyMojis!

Open the blindbag to find iconic Disney characters, like
Mickey Mouse, Bambi, and Princess Ariel!

Collect them all!

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