Day: December 22, 2016

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Luke Cage Funko POP! First Look!

Come get your first peak at the upcoming Jessica Jones Luke Cage Funko POP! Yes it may get confusing in the coming months, i mean here with have the “Jessica Jones” Luke Cage POP. Next we’re going to have the “Luke Cage” Luke Cage POP and who knows, probably next the “Defenders” Luke Cage POP. […]

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Funko POP News Micro Update 28.0

Come have a hit of your daily Funko POP News with this micro update! Something you’ve all been waiting for, well for its release at Walmart. if you can’t wait, you can buy the Star Wars Chrome Trooper now from Forbidden Planet here. Still no word on it’s release at Walmart though, hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled! […]

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Enter the Wasteland. Fallout 4 Funko POPs! Coming February!

Come adventure in the radioactive wasteland with the new Fallout 4 Funko POPs!

I’ve certainly been waiting for these guys, and i know a lot of people who have too. Especially those collectors who limit themselves to just Fallout when it comes to collecting, if only i could do that i would save myself a lot of time and money! The POPs overall are pretty awesome, especially the Liberty Prime POPs. Even though this is Fallout 4 based, the Prime scene in Fallout 3 was a very epic and memorable time.

Knowing the history of Fallout POPs you can bet this is only the first wave of them, and not only because we have a gap between #167 and #170. Where is #168 and #169? I wonder (Thanks to Javier for reminding me that #168 is Lara Croft). It’s strange they would put another line in the middle of the Fallout line, this tells me that perhaps the GameStop exclusive was more of an after thought. Though then again, variants usually have the same number, so why they didn’t number it as #167? We may never know.

This round (so far) we have two exclusives up for grabs, one Target and one GameStop, surprisingly there is no Hot Topic appearing here. Another hint there will be a second wave, Hot Topic is always big on Fallout. So what do you think of this new line, anything strike your fancy? Glam shots and info coming up!

Fallout 4 – Nick Valentine #162

Fallout 4 Funko POPs Nick Valentine 162

Fallout 4 – Codsworth #163

Fallout 4 Funko POPs Codsworth 163

Fallout 4 – Damaged Codsworth #163 (Target Exclusive)

Fallout 4 Funko POPs Target Exclusive Damaged Codsworth 163

Fallout 4 – Piper #164

Fallout 4 Funko POPs Piper 164

Fallout 4 – Paladin Danse #165

Fallout 4 Funko POPs Paladin Danse 165

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