Marvel Funko MyMojis and Lanyards! Coming January!

Funko ever increasing their reach with these new Marvel Funko MyMojis and Lanyards!

Come this January Funko is adding Marvel to their MyMojis line, they’re cute i suppose but i’m not exactly a MyMoji collector! If you are then feel free to let us know, and tell us what draws you to them. I was curious about them at first .. but after Pint Size Heroes came out i switched over to them, the Pint Size Heroes are only a dollar more and much better i feel. Secondly there is two more Lanyards being added! These aren’t the first, Funko have quite a range of these official Lanyards now .. i wouldn’t collect them but they seem cool to use if you’re going to Comic Con or some similar event. Glam shots and info coming up!

Marvel MyMojis

Marvel Funko MyMojis Lanyards

Marvel Thor Lanyard

Marvel Hulk Lanyard

Official line from Funko

Collect your favorite Marvel characters and their
wide range of emotions as MyMojis!

Open the blindbag to find characters like Captain America,
Spider-Gwen, Black Panther, and Groot!

Each bag comes with a code to download
a free digital MyMoji to your phone!

Avengers assemble! New Marvel Lanyards, a great addition
for any conference, orientation, or convention!

Take Hulk, aka Bruce Banner, or Thor, Prince of Thunder,
with you wherever you go!

Get yours this winter!

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