Marvel and Funko Join Forces to Create Spellbound!

Come and see Spellbound the first animated short made between Marvel and Funko!

This is set to be the first of three animated shorts featuring a whole host of Marvel characters, in POP form .. of course. I know they’ve done plenty of promotional material in this form, but this is the first official feature they have done. What do you think? Will this kind of thing be a hit? It’s possible if these are successful that we will see plenty more in the future! The second short that will be released on the 7th of December will be called “Bait N Switch” and features Rocket Raccoon, the last one on the 14th of December will be called “Chimichangas” and features .. well .. you know who! The video is coming up, feel free to watch!

Official quotes from Marvel and Funko

“Telling Marvel stories in the Funko Pop! aesthetic is a special kind of magic unlike anything we’ve ever done. These shorts are both hilarious and action-packed – and irresistibly adorable too. Really, I think all audiences will love them,” said Cort Lane, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Animation and Family Entertainment.


“We are beyond excited to bring our Pop! Vinyl to life by collaborating with Marvel,” said Mark Robben, Funko’s Director of Marketing. “We hope fans enjoy these short films as much as they do collecting Pop!, and hopefully we’ll be able to create many more.”

Click here to view the official statement

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