Day: December 2, 2016

Funko Shop Exclusive Flocked Super Grover POP! Out Now!

On the second day of Christmas Funko brought to you .. Funko Shop Exclusive Flocked Super Grover POP!


  1. Santa Stitch Dorbz

Sesame Street – Flocked Super Grover #01 (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 5,000) $14.99 – Click me to buy!

Funko Shop Exclusive Flocked Super Grover POP

Money Saving Tips: Nothing i can give you here sadly, Funko Shop doesn’t do coupons, cashback or anything like that. Only thing i can say is try and combine shipping wherever possible! Shipping is a flat rate of $6.95 no matter how much (or little) you buy.


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Funko Specialty Series Wave 7! Batgirl & Vault Boy!

Welcome to the Funko Specialty Series Wave 7! Funko’s monthly products for the smaller businesses!

Well i say smaller businesses as that is their purpose according to Funko, but it’s not unknown for them to be sold by Amazon which we saw last month. But regardless what we have for you this month is DC and Fallout themed! Personally i’m excited for the Fallout Dorbz, the glow in the dark feature on this one looks pretty awesome! And Fallout is always a hit as it has a pretty big fan-base, but of course, not as big as Batman. Or should i say .. Batgirl .. it should have joint appeal, though there are those who collect Batman POPs only. You can usually get these guys from your local comic book store, though my go to place for them is forbidden planet which is surprising as they are based in the UK! But their prices are good and shipping is reliable. Glam shots and info coming up!

DC Heroes – Classic Batgirl #148 (Specialty Series Exclusive)


Fallout – GITD Adamantium Skeleton Vault Boy #263 (Specialty Series Exclusive)


If you would like to buy from FPI the links are below
Batgirl £9.99 – Click me to buy!
Vault Boy £8.99 – Click me to buy!


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Don’t Mention the Dog! John Wick 2 Funko POPs Coming January!

John Wick is coming back for more with the upcoming John Wick 2 Funko POPs! I hope you didn’t think enough people died in the first film! (a cool 77 it seems from some random googling) but lucky for us someone has brought him into some more trouble, so Keanu will be back doing what he […]

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Marvel and Funko Join Forces to Create Spellbound!

Come and see Spellbound the first animated short made between Marvel and Funko!

This is set to be the first of three animated shorts featuring a whole host of Marvel characters, in POP form .. of course. I know they’ve done plenty of promotional material in this form, but this is the first official feature they have done. What do you think? Will this kind of thing be a hit? It’s possible if these are successful that we will see plenty more in the future! The second short that will be released on the 7th of December will be called “Bait N Switch” and features Rocket Raccoon, the last one on the 14th of December will be called “Chimichangas” and features .. well .. you know who! The video is coming up, feel free to watch!


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