Sunday Funko Haul 2.0 – What Did i Get This Week?

Welcome to another Sunday Funko Haul post! The second so far.

Here i will try to show, as best as i remember, what i got during the week with photos! This week is coming a little late as i was ill so this is what i got for the week ending the 28th of November! Next week will be coming soon! Here below you’ll see i got 11 items this time, mostly exclusives as i try to stick to exclusives otherwise i would just get way too much. These consist of 8 POPs, 2 dorbz and 1 POP T Shirt. I managed to get lucky with a few exclusives from Walmart and Target and actually managed to find them while i was there! And ones that weren’t destroyed either, they were just hiding at the back for some reason.

Another POP i got was the awesome glitter version of Sailor Moon, i mention this POP in particular as i got 2 of her .. one of which i’m giving away to someone from this blog soon as you guys have been pretty great, so far! Kidding so naturally i want to give back. The specialty series Batman POP and Flash dorbz i pre-ordered a longggg time ago, you really have to pre-order those as soon as they’re announced to get them without the hassle, those i got from Toy Wars but now i use Forbidden Planet for Specialty Series. The last thing i’ll mention is the POP Tee, the third POP Tee i have though this POP Tee is one i’ve been wanting for ages! It’s my favorite design of all of them so i was happy to find it at Target. All photos coming up! Any comments or questions welcome.






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