Collector Corps Update! December Box to Feature POP Ride!

Come get a Collector Corps Update for the December X Men Box!

A Facebook advertisement has revealed that the X Men box will have a Funko POP Ride inside! This has raised a lot of questions, it’s certainly exciting to have the first POP Ride for one of these subscription boxes. But what could it be? Well i know they are having a Dorbz Blackbird Jet Ride as a Walmart exclusive, could they just do a POP ride of the Black Bird? Something different would be cool. Perhaps leading with the Logan / Wolverine theme they will have Logan riding his Motorbike which seems very plausible to me. Regardless, what are you opinions?



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2 thoughts on “Collector Corps Update! December Box to Feature POP Ride!

  1. I am actually disappointed that it is a Ride this time. I don’t think the X-Men Blackbird is particularly iconic. I was hoping for an oversized Pop like Juggernaut or Onslaught. And, for the trifecta of disappointments, this new habit Funko has of spoiling teh surprise really ruins this for me – the Smuggler’s Bounty opening was so uneventful because the items were mostly known.

    My hope is that it will not be the predictable Blackbird. I would even love a further departure and have it be a little Xavier’s School to put the figures around.

    1. Indeed ! As i said in the post i don’t think it will be the blackbird .. because they made a dorbz ridez blackbird. But they did make both a POP and a Dorbz ride of the Wonder Woman invisible jet so i won’t rule it out!

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