Day: November 21, 2016

FYE Exclusive Bloody William Wallace Funko POP! Pre Order Now!

Look forward to getting your hands bloody with the upcoming FYE Exclusive Bloody William Wallace Funko POP! Did you love the film Braveheart? Did you get the POP and thought to yourself .. this guy needs to have blood all over him? Well Funko heard you! And your special blood covered William Wallace is coming to […]

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Blizzard Exclusive Overwatch White Reaper Funko POP! Confirmed!

Thought you couldn’t get the Blizzard Exclusive Overwatch White Reaper Funko POP? Well your lucks looking up! In the line stream from Blizzard (video below) they talked about all of their Black Friday deals, and one of them is that the thought to be convention exclusive White Reaper will be going on sale on Black Friday! This […]

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Mega Man Funko Dorbz First Look! Coming February!

Come and get your Mega Man Funko Dorbz First Look! Not had your fill with the influx of Mega Man Funko POPs that have been flooding your mind lately? Well Funko have you covered with a line of Dorbz to match! These include Mega Man with a Chase variant, Rush, Dr Wily and Proto Man. When […]

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Funko POP News Micro Update 7.0

Come get your daily Funko POP News updates! All the smaller stories of the day in one place. The price of the Walmart Exclusive Voyager Moana Funko POP has been lowered to just $6.33! Already purchased? Not to worry, Walmart refund price differences. GameStop Pre Black Friday Sale! Nov 22-23 only, B 3 Get 1 Free […]

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Collector Corps Update! December Box to Feature POP Ride!

Come get a Collector Corps Update for the December X Men Box! A Facebook advertisement has revealed that the X Men box will have a Funko POP Ride inside! This has raised a lot of questions, it’s certainly exciting to have the first POP Ride for one of these subscription boxes. But what could it be? […]

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Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Funko POP! Coming January!

Ready to get twisted? Come have a look at the upcoming Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Funko POP!

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when i say this is probably one of the coolest looking POPs in a long time, or ever! From the hair to the accessories this is certainly a highly detailed POP, speaking of the hair .. from the image it seems that it will also be semi translucent. Sweet Tooth is the iconic character from the classic game series Twisted Metal, he always drives an ice cream truck and although the most memorable character from the games he isn’t the main character. In each game he is either a boss or a secret character to unlock! What do you think about this guy? Glam shot and info coming up!

Twisted Metal – Sweet Tooth #161

Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Funko POP 161


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