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Smuggler’s Bounty Han Solo on Tauntaun Funko Deluxe! Coming January!

Awesome figure plus new line from Funko? It’s the upcoming Han Solo on Tauntaun Funko Deluxe!

With this one post from Funko they announced 3 things. First that the upcoming Smuggler’s Bounty January box will be called, and themed on “The Empire Strikes Back” which is Episode V of the Star Wars series. Secondly that they now seem to have another .. new product line, this one is called Funko Deluxe! Not to be confused with Super Deluxe. Lastly is that the first Funko Deluxe figure will be this! (Pictured below) an extremely awesome statue of Han Solo riding a Tauntaun. At first glance this seems to be a cross between a POP Ride and a 6 Inch POP, so even though he is riding the Tauntaun i would assume it was more statuesque and perhaps a higher quality? We’ll have to see about that. What do you think? Shot coming up!

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Han Solo on Tauntaun Funko Deluxe

Click here to see the original Twitter post.

Official line from Funko

Get him before a wampa does. The Hoth Han Solo with Tauntaun Pop! Deluxe is coming to @OriginalFunko’s next Smuggler’s Bounty.

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