Day: November 12, 2016

Walgreens Exclusive Kamala Khan Funko POP! Out Now!

The Walgreens Exclusive Kamala Khan Funko POP has just started hitting stores today!


First shown at a shop in Japan not too long ago, and on the backs of a few boxes. This POP was known to be coming out sooner rather than later, but it was unknown that it would be a Walgreens exclusive! That is, until it started popping up in stores, which was certainly a surprise. She has been seen by a lucky few alongside the new Scarlet Spider, so they have been able to get them during the buy one get one free sale! Very fortunate, as i’m sure you know finding the best exclusives in your local Walgreens can become quite a challenge, but i’m not giving up hope. I may not get them during the sale, but i’m staying positive about finding them in store at least! Shots and info coming up!

Marvel – Ms Marvel Kamala Khan #190 (Walgreens Exclusive) $9.99 – Click me to buy!

Walgreens Exclusive Kamala Khan Funko POP 190 Ms Marvel


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Power Rangers Funko POPs Dorbz & More! Coming Soon!

I see Power Rangers in your future .. many .. Power Rangers Funko POPs Dorbz and more! After gleaming information from GameStop there seems to be quite a plethora of new POPs coming out, namely that of the Power Ranger variety! And that’s on top of the POP line that just came out, it looks […]

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Street Fighter Logo

GameStop Exclusive White Headband Ryu Funko POP! First Look!

!Update Alert! He’s now been released, click here to see the latest article! Come have a gander at the exceptionally imaginative GameStop Exclusive White Headband Ryu Funko POP! I know what you’re thinking .. changing the headband to white and making it an exclusive was pure genius right? Well of course! Everyone loves an exclusive, i’m […]

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GameStop Exclusive Black Friday Funko Mystery Box! First Look!

2017 Update: The 2017 Black Friday Page is here! (Click me!) Update Alert 2! The GameStop Mystery Box is now on sale! Click me! Update Alert! All 5 POPs that are coming inside have no been revealed, click me to see! Come have a little peak at your dream or nightmare with the GameStop Exclusive Black […]

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