League of Legends Concussive DJ Sona Funko POP! First Look!

New POP showing up on the floor is the League of Legends Concussive DJ Sona Funko POP!

Previously unannounced in any form, so it was a surprise when they appeared! They have been seen and given out as prizes at the League of Legends World Series 2016, which is a huge LOL tournament. No confirmation on what the requirement to get one was, but a few lucky people have managed to get their hands on one! In the game DJ Sona has 3 forms, and concussive is just one of them. This has led to speculation that they may be doing all 3 of them, would would be an awesome 3 pack! Or separate, whichever they decide. Hopefully they won’t be exclusive to the tournament and show up elsewhere for sale. Shots and info coming up!

League of Legends – DJ Sona: Concussive #08

League of Legends Concussive DJ Sona Funko POP 8 Front

League of Legends Concussive DJ Sona Funko POP 8 Back

Update: Riot has confirmed on Twitter that this POP will sadly be exclusive to the event! It was revealed that on the day of the finals it would be open to the public to buy at a rate of $20 each.

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7 thoughts on “League of Legends Concussive DJ Sona Funko POP! First Look!

  1. The Sona PoP # 08 was never given out at the league of legend worlds 2016 finals event. The item was sold at the event as a exclusive item.

    1. As far as i know it was both. A few people got given one on the show floor, then at the finals it was opened up to purchase for $20.

      1. Yeah. I wish it was sold for $20 elsewhere. I really want it and understand its exclusivity, but I don’t wanna drop 90 fucking dollars on it.

        1. Exactly! It’s a shame as it’s such an awesome POP. It’s possible they’ll release the other Sona forms, or do a three pack? But that’s wishful thinking! We’ll see.

  2. I’m guessing they will release the other 3 forms, since its weird that they have only chosen 1 form out of the three and plus its strange they chose “Concussive” as the figure, since “Kinetic” is seen as the default/main form for the DJ Sona skin, so if they were only going to bring one out they probably would of chosen “Kinetic”. However since they didn’t, it kind of makes me believe that they will bring out the other two and just have “Concussive” as a exclusive form, since its the same figure just a slight variation and it isn’t her main form (Kinetic) which if I’m correct in thinking would be in higher demand.

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for the info! I don’t play League of Legends so it’s good to know these things like her default form.

      1. Yeah, even though she has 3 different forms, “kinetic” is seen as her default form which is green/blue rather than red, that’s what makes me wonder why they chose the red one for the event if they were only going to release one. That’s why I think they will bring out the other two forms, since I don’t think they would make her default form an exclusive figure, plus they have fully named on the box “DJ Sonar: concussive, so that makes me think its there to show variation/difference for when the other ones are released. I could be wrong, they may not bring them out for quite some time, but knowing riot (creators of league of legends) I think they have thought ahead, and even if they don’t play to releasing anymore, anytime soon, I still think they would of thought ahead and choose this one (concussive) as an exclusive as its most likely not the form that would be highly in demand if they release all 3.

        Just a side note, I’m not a huge pop collector myself, but a huge league of legends fan, so you probably wont see me around on here a lot, but if anything comes up regarding league, I will be sure to try and give my take .information on it 😀

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