Funko POP Pets Wave 2! Coming December!

I hope you’re a dog person as Funko POP Pets Wave 2 is coming to you soon!

Some may remember the previous article where we announced the first wave of pets (i’ll link the article at the end), which included cats. But there was a gap between 6 and 12, with this new announcement we get to fill that gap! And find out the full range of POP Pets. From what i’m seeing with wave 2 they are merely recolours of the dogs that were in the first wave, not too exciting. But i suppose if you need the perfect color to match your own pet, then this would be perfect for you. Glam shots and info coming up!

Pets – Brown Dachshund #7


Pets – Grey French Bulldog #8


Pets – Grey & White French Bulldog #9


Pets – Grey Labrador Retriever #10


Pets – Brown Labrador Retriever #11


New Line From Funko! Funko POP Pets Out Now!

Official line from Funko

More Pop! Pets are joining the Funko family!

In August we announced the first series of cute and
furry companions, and now the line is expanding!

This series includes Dachshund (brown), French Bulldog (gray),
French Bulldog (gray & white), a black Labrador Retriever,
and a chocolate Labrador Retriever!

Adopt a Pop! Pet this December!

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  1. Erm…No pugs? Get yo sh*t together Funko!

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