Hot Topic Exclusive Zebra Batman Funko Dorbz! Out Now!

Need a friend for your Rainbow Batman? How about the upcoming Hot Topic Exclusive Zebra Batman Funko Dorbz!

Harking back to the time of the Detective Comics in 1957 we bring you the Zebra Batman Dorbz! Same as the Rainbow Batman .. and Bullseye Batman, yes he did actually wear those outfits in the original comics crazy as it may seem. In a similar fashion this guy will also be exclusive to Hot Topic, whether he will be limited to 1,500 is unknown at this time though i’m suspecting he will be sadly! But that’s only in the USA, he will eventually POP up elsewhere like forbidden planet, so don’t worry if you can’t get him from Hot Topic. Glam shots and info coming up!

Update: He’s out now!

Detective Comics – Zebra Batman Dorbz #177 (Hot Topic Exclusive) $9.90 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Zebra Batman Funko Dorbz 177



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