Marvel’s X Men Cable Funko POP & More! Coming November!

We finally see the last of the mutants! With the X Men Cable Funko POP!

I guess that means cable won’t be in the December X Men Collector Corps box! Or will he? Probably not, as Funko don’t usually preview any of the items coming in their boxes (Aside from the Star Wars Rogue One incident). So you can go back to guessing who we will be seeing! Gambit perhaps? In your dreams! Cable is certainly contesting Archangel for the title of most awesome new X Men POP. What do you guys think? Maybe neither of them?

The glam shots we have for you today mostly consist of POPs we’ve seen before, aside from cable. Though the shots we’ve had before were from Hot Topic so they were of the actual POPs. Here we have the official glam shots which are usually digitally rendered hm .. which one is better .. regardless. Glam shots and info coming up!

Marvel’s X Men – Cable #177

X Men Cable Funko POP 177

Marvel’s X Men – Archangel #178

X Men Archangel Funko POP 178

Marvel’s X Men – Quicksilver #179

X Men Quicksilver Funko POP 179

Marvel’s X Men – Psylocke #180

X Men Psylocke Funko POP 180

Marvel’s X Men – Sabretooth #181

X Men Sabretooth Funko POP 181

Read more to see more!

Marvel’s X Men – Storm with Mohawk #182

X Men Mohawk Storm Funko POP 182

Official line from Funko

The Pop! line features several prominent, awesome mutants!

Cable, an Alpha-level mutant capable of telepathy and telekinesis, is
joined by his teammate Archangel, whose enormous wings
grant him the power of flight!

Also featured are the super-fast Quicksilver, telekinetic Psylocke,
razor-sharp Sabretooth, and impressively powerful Storm!

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