Walmart Exclusive Cable Funko Dorbz & More! Coming November!

To conclude the Dorbz X Men line up, we have the upcoming Walmart Exclusive Cable Funko Dorbz and Chase Emma Frost!

Along with the shiny glam shots comes two never before seen Dorbz! These are the Walmart Exclusive Cable, and the Chase Emma Frost. It seems they certainly saved Cable for last! If you want his Dorbz you will have to trek to the most beloved of all Funko Shops, Walmart. Where the helpful staff and jam packed POP sections are a wonder to behold. Kidding aside, i look forward to getting him and the Chase Dorbz! She looks pretty awesome in her transparent blue ice form, probably my favorite from this Dorbz line. Glam shots and info coming up!

Marvel’s X Men – Cable #210 (Walmart Exclusive)

Marvel's X Men Walmart Exclusive Cable Funko Dorbz 210

Marvel’s X Men – Emma Frost [Chase] #217

Marvel's X Men Chase Emma Frost Dorbz 217

Marvel’s X Men – Emma Frost #217

Marvel's X Men Emma Frost Dorbz 217

Marvel’s X Men – Psylocke #216

Marvel's X Men Psylocke Dorbz 216

Marvel’s X Men – Dark Phoenix #215

Marvel's X Men Dark Phoenix Dorbz 215

Read more to see more!

Marvel’s X Men – Cyclops #213

Marvel's X Men Cyclops Dorbz 213

Marvel’s X Men – Sabretooth #218

Marvel's X Men Sabretooth Dorbz 218

Marvel’s X Men – Storm #214

Marvel's X Men Storm Dorbz 214

Official line from Funko

The super-human mutants are also coming as Dorbz!

Collect Storm, Psylocke, and Sabretooth, as well as Cyclops, a
founding member of the X-Men who can emit energy blasts from his eyes!

You can also get Dark Phoenix, one of the strongest mutants to ever live, and
Emma Frost, who can turn herself into diamond! Keep an eye out for
Emma Frost’s diamond chase variant (a 1 in 6 rarity)!

Be sure to look for Cable, available exclusively at Walmart!

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