GameStop Funko Mystery Box Final Reveal!

Welcome to the GameStop Funko Mystery Box Final Reveal!

Some time ago we announced what the first item would be inside the upcoming Mystery Box (the very awesome mech and pilot) and GameStop has now revealed the last 2 items in the box! You may wonder .. where’s the mystery? Well i guess the mystery was before they told us! Or it wasn’t selling too well, regardless, we now know all 3 items! Feel free to take a look at the end of this post to see the first item.


But today we’ere showing off the 2 new items! Both from Gears of War this time, the first item is a POP featuring the Swam enemy from the game and the other one is a keychain of JD Fenix! What do you think? Are these 3 items a good deal for the $29.99 price tag. I could do without the Keychain personally, but the main 6 inch figure from Titanfall 2 seems to make it all worth it. The Swarm figure is pretty nice too. Though i’m not a Gears of War fan, so i’m sure they would have a different opinion.

In total it comes out cheaper than GameStop’s regular prices, if you add together the price of a 6″ $18.99, a regular POP $11.99 and a Keychain $4.99 you get $35.97. So a saving of $5.98 on the boxes $29.99 price tag. You get a free keychain maybe? Anyways, shots and info coming up!

Gears of War – Swarm #130 (GameStop Exclusive)

GameStop Funko Mystery Box Final

Gears of War – JD Fenix Keychain (GameStop Exclusive)


If you would still like to pre-order this box, look no further than this link! Or go to your local store.

GameStop Funko Mystery Box Reveal! Part One!

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