Day: October 7, 2016

Funko Specialty Series Wave 5! Quickdraw & Moana!

Funko is keeping on with their monthly (but not quite) specialty series with the new Funko Specialty Series Wave 5 announced today!

As tradition with the specialty series, this wave contains one POP and one Dorbz. First we have El Kabong! A sure hit for any Hanna-Barbera fans! A variant on Quick Draw McGraw. Second we have a new Moana Dorbz to add to the .. large .. list of existing Moana Dorbz and POPs, they sure are going all out with Moana! Glam shots and info coming up.

Hanna Barbera – El Kabong #167 (Specialty Series Exclusive)

Funko Specialty Series Wave 5

Disney’s Moana – Young Moana Dorbz #196 (Specialty Series Exclusive)



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Box Lunch Exclusive Black & White Woody Funko POP! Out Now!

Ever wish you could have more Toy Story in your life? Well look no further than the new Box Lunch Exclusive Black & White Woody Funko POP! Box Lunch Gifts just released their latest exclusive, the black and white Woody, today along with their NYCC exclusives. Knowing the popularity of anything Disney this would should be […]

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BAM Exclusive Gold Rumplestiltskin Funko POP! Pre-Order Now!

Didn’t have enough from your Purple Regina? Well now we have the BAM Exclusive Gold Rumplestiltskin Funko POP! Everyone’s favorite bad guy they love to hate from the hit ABC show, Once Upon a Time! I’m assuming he’s gold because his name is Mr. Gold .. though this is his Rumplestiltskin form, i’ll try not […]

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