Day: October 2, 2016

Hot Topic October YouTube Reveal! Funko POPs and More!

Are you ready for some┬áHot Topic Upcoming Exclusive Funko POPs! And what else? Mystery Minis too? You’re getting spoiled!

Most of these we already knew about, but we haven’t seen glam shots of them all yet! Especially the exclusive Ariel, which looks amazing, she has a semi translucent glitter dress. Secondly some more Harry Potter exclusives (in their Christmas sweaters), yes there are a lot of Harry Potter POPs coming! Another thing we haven’t seen is the new My Little Pony Mystery Minis, this is going to be Series 4 from MLP and this time the theme is Power Ponies! A theme from one of the episodes in the show and yes of course there is Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery Minis.

Below we will be previewing the Hot Topic exclusive mystery minis for the upcoming Fallout 4 Minis along with the Power Ponies. Each will have 3 exclusives.

Glam shots and info coming up, feel free to be excited!

Gudetama Laying Down (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Hot Topic Upcoming Exclusive Funko POPs

Steampunk Batman #120 (Hot Topic Exclusive)



Shadow Freddy #126 (Hot Topic Exclusive)



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Star Wars Logo

Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Funko POP! Confirmed!

Exciting news for Star Wars fans! The┬áStar Wars Anakin Skywalker Funko POP got confirmed. In the recent Q&A with Funko on Twitter, Funko answered a user who asked if they are going to make an Anakin Skywalker Funko POP. Funko promptly replied confirming that they will be! Only thing we don’t know is .. will […]

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