Month: September 2016

For the First Time Animaniacs Funko POPs! Coming November!

For the first time ever the eponymous trio will be coming to you in POP form, welcome to the Animaniacs Funko POPs! One of the fore running kids shows of the 90’s! Known for their slapstick humor and pop culture references, back in 1993 when it started .. 1993?! Sorry i didn’t mean to make you feel […]

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Pinky & The Brain Funko POPs! Coming November!

It’s been an exciting week so far in terms of Funko, with NYCC, Star Wars and more! Another announcement this week is of the brand new Pinky & The Brain Funko POPs! I’m sure you all remember the show, if not then .. that’s a shame! Funko POPs of the troubles duo are set to come […]

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NYCC 2016 Toy Tokyo Funko POP Exclusives Revealed!

This might be the last reveal of NYCC 2016, the Toy Tokyo Funko POP Exclusives! Unless they do a secret reveal .. i hope so!

The Toy Tokyo Exclusives this year seem to be some of the best. Space Ghost looks awesome, people have been going crazy about the Metallic Ranger and Mega Man and the cereals line has a big following! Though along with the excitement there has been some upset, as those who can’t get to NYCC (and getting there is the easy part) won’t be able to get their hands on these aside from eBay! And this is notoriously expensive, they have been known to appear on Toy Tokyo website after but these are very limited and sell out instantly. Good luck to all those going! Glam shots coming up!

Monsters – Glow in the Dark Wolf Man #114 (Toy Tokyo NYCC 2016 Exclusive)

Toy Tokyo Funko POP Exclusives

DC – Darkest Night Batman #143 (Toy Tokyo NYCC 2016 Exclusive)


Power Rangers – Metallic Green Ranger #360 (Toy Tokyo NYCC 2016 Exclusive)


Games – Mega Man Thunder Beam #102 (Toy Tokyo NYCC 2016 Exclusive)


Crystal Space Ghost #122 (Toy Tokyo NYCC 2016 Exclusive)


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Star Wars Rebels Funko POPs! Coming This Fall!

Relating to our previous reveal, we now have the glam shots for the Star Wars Rebels Funko POPs!

Here we revealed these POPs were coming out last week, but had no glam shots sadly! But now we do! And they look as awesome as we were hoping for. Regular Sabine has to be my favorite, but since i’m a slight Funko fan i’ll probably have to get them all regardless! I think you’ll agree they look great whether you watch the show or not, i haven’t started watching it yet. I did watch the clone wars series though! I was glad to see Ahsoka returning! Glam shots and info coming up!

Star Wars: Rebels – Ahsoka #130 (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Star Wars Rebels Funko POPs

Star Wars: Rebels – Masked Sabine #131 (Walgreens Exclusive)


Star Wars: Rebels – Kana #132


Star Wars: Rebels – Chopper #133


Star Wars: Rebels – Ezra #134


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Do You Have It? Valiant Comics Faith Funko POP! Coming to NYCC!

Are you ready for the Valiant Comics Faith Funko POP? This is the first comic book super hero to debut outside of the Marvel and DC Heroes line! This should be exciting news for all the Valiant comic fans out there, it’s a big step getting Faith “Zephyr” Herbert into POP form! Though this will technically be […]

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New Armored Gears of War Funko POPs! Out Now!

These new Gears of War Funko POPs! Are set to coincide with the upcoming Gears of War 4 game!

The first of the new Gears of War POPs was back in July with the SDCC 2016 Exclusives of Marcus Fenix, but now everyone can get their hands on them with the full release. Marcus Fenix himself has already shown up on the Hot Topic website, and i’m sure the rest will follow. So keep your eyes peeled for your favorite Gears of War character now! These POPs are special armored versions of their characters, glam shots and info coming up!

Gears of War – Marcus Fenix #112

Gears of War Funko POPs

Gears of War – Clayton Carmine #113


Gears of War – JD Fenix #114


Gears of War – Kait Diaz #115


Gears of War – Del Walker #116


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Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POPs! Sneak Preview!

Here is a sneak preview of some new Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POPs! As revealed in the Periscope live stream of the NYCC Exclusives, they showed the back of the box of Sally! The one where she’s sitting down, which revealed upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas POPs! It’s unknown whether they meant to do this. It […]

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Star Wars Funko Smuggler’s Bounty November Sneak Preview!

Come one come all to see a preview of the POPs from the Star Wars Funko Smuggler’s Bounty November box! In a departure from the usual, Funko seemed to have decided to reveal the two POPs from the box way before it has even come out. Before the September box even came out, so a tad early! […]

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Star Wars Funko Smugglers Bounty September Reveal!

Don’t look if you don’t want to see spoilers for the Star Wars Funko Smugglers Bounty September box! Though truth be told everyone should have got theirs by now, if you have a subscription that is. If you don’t then you should have! This is the 6th box so far in the Smugglers Bounty series, the […]

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PX Previews Exclusive Red Sonja and Conan Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

Some exciting news for the Conan fans out there! Conan the barbarian than is, not O’Brien .. anyway, coming to you early next year are the PX Previews Exclusive Red Sonja and Conan Funko POPs! Two awesome Conan POPs have just been revealed, one is the bloody variant and the other is the war paint variant. […]

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