New Harry Potter Funko POPs! Wave 3 Revealed!

I know i’ve been waiting for these for a while! Well my wife has especially. For the Wave 3 Harry Potter Funko POPs!

These have been known about for some time, as they have appeared on the GameStop pre-order list for several months now! But this is the first time we’ve seen what they will look like, currently the glam shots are of low resolution so hopefully we will get some high res glam shots from Funko soon. But regardless this lets you see the 7 new Harry Potter Funko POPs in all their glory! As far as i know there should be an 8th coming out, Fred Weasley, so unless they cancel it, we should get a shot of him soon enough.

But that’s not all! Along with the 8 basic POPs will be several exclusives coming soon. 6 at Hot Topic alone, and for other stores? Who knows how many, but it’s looking like Harry Potter wave 3 has only just begun.

Some Upcoming Exclusives…
Bellatrix in Prison Outfit
Dumbledore with Elder Wand
Invisible Harry
Harry with Hedwig
Harry wearing Sweater
Ron Wearing Sweater

Glam shots and info coming up!

Harry Potter with Proph #32


George Weasley #34


Bellatrix Lestrange #35


Lucius Malfoy #36


Professor Minerva McGonagall #37


Read more to see more! Mad Eye and Umbridge!

Mad-Eye Moody #38

Harry Potter Funko POPs

Dolores Umbridge #39


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