Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POPs! Sneak Preview!

Here is a sneak preview of some new Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POPs!

As revealed in the Periscope live stream of the NYCC Exclusives, they showed the back of the box of Sally! The one where she’s sitting down, which revealed upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas POPs! It’s unknown whether they meant to do this. It shows 4 POPs, we already know of Sally sitting down and Behemoth, but the two unannounced ones they reveal were Snowman Jack Skelling and the Harlequin Demon! New Disney POPs are always exciting, especially Nightmare Before Christmas! Photos coming up!

Snowman Jack Skellington from the film

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POPs

Harlequin Demon from the film


Screencap of the reveal


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8 thoughts on “Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POPs! Sneak Preview!

  1. when an where will the demon be released?

    1. Unknown still! Funko haven’t revealed anything about it ~

  2. Is Snowman Jack out yet? Still can’t find him!

    1. Nope no info yet on him and the demon! Will let you know when he appears ~

  3. Still no news on snowman jack and the demon?

    1. Nope nothing yet!

  4. Any news yet on Snoman Jack n Harlequin Demon pops??

    1. Not too much info, there’s a possibility for Snowman Jack being at ECCC. Only info known is that he’s been marked as convention exclusive, but that could all change ~

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