The Gifted Are Coming! New X Men Funko POPs! And Dorbz!

It’s been a long time coming, but new X Men Funko POPs and Dorbz are on the way!

You may have seen the first reveal of the new X Men POPs with Kitty Pryde as an NYCC exclusive, along with Juggernaut and Storm as Dorbz NYCC Exclusives. But wait, there’s more! To join them will be a full line of X Men Funko products. Read on to find out what they are!

X Men Funko POPs and Dorbz

Here are the upcoming POPs to join Kitty Pryde! Making 7 in total, for now that is.

POP Marvel: X-Men – Storm Mohawk
POP Marvel: X-Men – Sabertooth
POP Marvel: X-Men – Cable
POP Marvel: X-Men – Quicksilver
POP Marvel: X-Men – Archangel
POP Marvel: X-Men – Psylocke

Here are the upcoming Dorbz to join Juggernaut and Mohawk Storm! This makes 8 so far! (11 if you want to include the SDCC 3 Pack)

Dorbz: X-Men – Emma Frost
Dorbz: X-Men – Psylocke
Dorbz: X-Men – Cyclops
Dorbz: X-Men – Sabertooth
Dorbz: X-Men – Dark Phoenix
Dorbz: X-Men – Classic Storm

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3 thoughts on “The Gifted Are Coming! New X Men Funko POPs! And Dorbz!

  1. Where’s Gambit???!!!!

    1. I know! Sadly no Gambit is coming.

  2. Here are the “the gifted” pop figures

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