New GameStop Exclusive Funko Mystery Box! Pre-Order Now!

It’s time for another GameStop Exclusive Funko Mystery Box! Yay? Or nay?

After the crazy fiasco that happened during last years GameStop mystery box, the one that was released around Black Friday, there is no doubt a lot of skepticism surround this box! And rightly so, they messed up big time with that release. But this is a new year, so a new box, how will this one go? It’s anyone’s guess! All we know is that it contains “Exclusive Funko Collectibles” from “Two Upcoming Video Games”. Firstly, collectibles? They don’t say POPs so it could literally be anything by Funko, party lights anyone? Though i doubt they’d do something that crazy!

There were some hints on the GameStop pre-order form, it listed an item for $29.99 (Same price as the box) called GameStop TF2 and GOW box. And the two upcoming games that match that description is Titanfall 2 and Gears of War 4. So with all this in mind i think that is a good prediction, will you be getting one? Pic and link coming up!

Click here to go straight to the action!

Release date is set for October 1st 2016 – Price $29.99


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