Funko Shop Watch! New Exclusive 2000 Piece Limited Robot Freddy!

Look out for this new 2000 Piece Limited Robot Freddy! Exclusive to the Funko Shop.

This is no.8 in the Funko Shop Exclusive Freddy line, but the first one to be limited! So far the previous 7 have not been limited, but that is about to change. Any limited item on the Funko Shop goes really fast, so you’ll have to keep watching if you even want a chance to get one. He will go live at at around 1-2 PM EST Sept 14th (Wednesday like usual), glam shot coming up!

Robot Freddy Funko #08 (Funko Shop Exclusive 2000 LE) – $14.99

2000 Piece Limited Robot Freddy

Update @ 3:14 PM – He went live at around 1:16 PM and sold out at around 1:26 PM

Prototype photo


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