New Dishonored 2 Funko POPs! Coming October 2016!

Along with the sequel to the amazing Dishonored are also brand new Dishonored 2 Funko POPs!

These are the first POPs that have been made for Dishonored, but not the first time Funko has made a Dishonored product. The others in the Dishonored line came in the form of mystery minis in the Bethesda Mystery Mini box. Also the lesser known Bethesda Mystery Mini triple pack! Glam shots and details coming up!

Emily #121

Dishonored 2 Funko POPs

Corvo (Masked) #122


Outsider #123


Emily (Unmasked) #124 (Target Exclusive)


Corvo (Unmasked) #125 (GameStop Exclusive)


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