Day: September 14, 2016

Hot Topics Hot Cash Sale Has Started! Get Your Codes Here!

Hot Topics big sale has started, known as Hot Cash where you can get 50% of any items pretty much. They have the sale 4 times a year i think .. or 5 .. i’m not sure but look further for the codes! Just remember, try not to go bankrupt! This time… Here are your Hot […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Disney Glitter Ariel Funko POP! Coming Sept 2016!

In addition to our earlier post about the new re-designed Disney POPs, a new Hot Topic Exclusive Disney Glitter Ariel Funko POP has been announced to join them! Not only that but it seems the schedule has been revised, the original release date for the new Disney line was October 2016 but now it seems to […]

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New GameStop Exclusive Funko Mystery Box! Pre-Order Now!

It’s time for another GameStop Exclusive Funko Mystery Box! Yay? Or nay? After the crazy fiasco that happened during last years GameStop mystery box, the one that was released around Black Friday, there is no doubt a lot of skepticism surround this box! And rightly so, they messed up big time with that release. But this is […]

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New Dishonored 2 Funko POPs! Coming October 2016!

Along with the sequel to the amazing Dishonored are also brand new Dishonored 2 Funko POPs! These are the first POPs that have been made for Dishonored, but not the first time Funko has made a Dishonored product. The others in the Dishonored line came in the form of mystery minis in the Bethesda Mystery Mini […]

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Funko Shop Watch! New Exclusive 2000 Piece Limited Robot Freddy!

Look out for this new 2000 Piece Limited Robot Freddy! Exclusive to the Funko Shop. This is no.8 in the Funko Shop Exclusive Freddy line, but the first one to be limited! So far the previous 7 have not been limited, but that is about to change. Any limited item on the Funko Shop goes really […]

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