Month: August 2016

New Clockwork Orange Alex DeLarge Funko POP! Out Now!

The now infamous Clockwork Orange Alex DeLarge Funko POP! Has now been released! The POP cult film fans have been waiting for. A POP similar in design to this of Alex DeLarge was meant to be released a long time ago (Number #04 in the series) but he was cancelled before release, even so several were […]

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New Re-Designed Disney Funko POPs! Coming October 2016!

These new Disney Funko POPs look amazing! I’m sure you’ll agree, if you’re a Disney fan like i am then you’ll no doubt be looking forward to these. Funko along with Disney are planning to release these 5 new Disney princess figures later this year, each one is in a formal dress and a much more […]

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GameStop Exclusive Survival Suit Chekov Funko POP! Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

The GameStop Exclusive Survival Suit Chekov Funko POP is out now! So keep vigilant when going to your local GameStop if you want him! I tried to pre-order this guy not long after he came up on GameStops systems but they said he couldn’t be pre-ordered, it seems this figure was quite a quick release! […]

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Update on Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery Funko POP Keychains!

Did you want to know what you can get inside the Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery Funko POP Keychains? Well here is an update for you!

What we knew before was that there were 4 different items you can get inside these mystery keychain boxes, Spider Gwen, Spider Man Red Hulk and a mystery chase keychain. Well the secret is no more as a shot of the chase keychain is below!

It turns out the chase keychain is a white version of Deadpool, similar to the white Deadpool they released for SDCC.

Exclusive Mystery Funko POP Keychains

If you want to see shots of the other 3 keychains unboxed, click read more!


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GameStop Exclusive Call of Duty Monkey Bomb Funko POP! Pre-order Now!

Come line up and get your GameStop Exclusive Monkey Bomb now! If you’re a fan of Call of Duty then you might know about this little guy! He first appeared in COD World at War but he primarily appears in COD Black Ops as he’s appeared in all three so far! He’s looking like he will […]

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New DC Burnside Batgirl Funko POP! Coming Sept 2016!

Know i’m very excited for this new Burnside Batgirl Funko POP! And i hope you are too!

This is the first time this Batgirl has come to POP form, though you may recognize her design slightly if you keep an eye on your Funko products! Especially Rock Candy (see below) this new version of Batgirl will be hitting shelves this fall, keep your eyes peeled for her! Glam shots coming up (Hit read more for more photos).

Burnside Batgirl #136 (Coming September 2016)

Burnside Batgirl Funko POP

Rock Candy Batgirl (For reference)



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New DC Arrow & Flash Funko Dorbz! Coming Oct 2016!

Some awesome brand new DC Arrow & Flash Funko Dorbz are coming our way!

This is the first time characters from the CW shows The Flash and The Arrow have been made into Dorbz form! And they all look pretty awesome! As we now reach 200 pieces in the Dorbz series it seems Funko is speeding up product of their Dorbz brand. There are 6 new Dorbz figures in total, 3 for Arrow and 3 for the Flash. Of note is that one from each show will be a GameStop exclusive! See below for details and glam shots!

The Flash #191

DC Arrow & Flash Funko Dorbz

Reverse Flash #192 (GameStop Exclusive)


Zoom #193


The Arrow #197


Speedy #198


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New Funko POP! Home Party String Lights! Coming This Fall!

I hope you were a fan of the Funko POP! Home Party String Lights! Because along with the 4 that were announced a few days ago, 2 more are coming! The two new ones announced by Funko are from the DC line (the previous 4 had 2 from Marvel, and 2 from Star Wars). So this […]

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BAM Exclusive Dragonball Z Funko POP 2 Pack! In Stock Now!

The latest in the new line of Dragonball Z POPs is the Dragonball Z Funko POP 2 Pack! Though this may technically be Dragonball and not Dragonball Z as it is of Goku on his Nimbus and Bulma from the original series! As for the molds themselves they are the same as the Goku and […]

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Toys R Us Exclusive Glitter My Little Pony Funko POPs! In Stock Now!

Speaking of our pony friends, not long after the Walmart exclusives were announced so were these guys! Toys R Us Exclusive Glitter My Little Pony Funko POPs! This time with have Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle (The Walmart selection had Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle) where’s Applejack and Rarity you ask? Well we may […]

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