Day: August 30, 2016

Funko Specialty Series Update! They Keep Coming!

Here is an update on the Funko Specialty Series for you!

Each specialty series comes with one POP and one Dorbz. at least it has done so far! The fourth specialty series announcement should be only a week away so here’s an update on what we’ve seen so far! The specialty series was released apparently to help smaller businesses / comic book shops to attract more customers by giving them something the larger retailers aren’t allowed to have. These are meant to be announced on a monthly basis, but that has been very sporadic so far ! About 5 weeks to 2 months between announcements.

Specialty Series Part 1
Announced: May 26th
Release Date: August 2016

Disney – Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy – Cosmo #167

Funko Specialty Series

Disney – Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy – Howard the Duck #183


Specialty Series Part 2
Announced: July 7th 2016
Release Date: October 2016

DC – Golden Age Batman #140


DC – The Flash – #182


Specialty Series Part 3
Announced: August 4th 2016
Release Date: October 2016

Disney – Star Wars – Max Rebo #160


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Disney Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Collection! Coming This Fall!

If like me you’re a big Disney fan you’ll be excited about the new Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas collection from Funko!

This collection includes Dorbz, Mopeez and Plush! Though it should be said that the Dorbz portion of this collection have just been released! So keep your eyes peeled for them. The Mopeez and Plush should be out in September and October respectively. You may remember Behemoth, the one of few words and also Oogie Boogies mischievous trio and henchman, or should that be henchchildren? Glam shots and more to follow!

Lock #172

Disney Funko Nightmare Before Christmas

Shock #173


Barrel #174


Behemoth #175


Zero Plush


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New Funko Horror Collection! Coming This Fall 2016!

A treat for all those who are horror fans, with this upcoming Funko Horror Collection!

Included we have here Dorbz, Pens, Mystery Minis and Mopeez too! First there is a brand new Cthulhu Dorbz to add to your secret Cthulhu collection! He also comes with a chase variant that glows in the dark, with the dorbz line chase variants are always 1 in every 6 so you have a good chance of getting him.

Second with the Dorbz is Chucky from the bride of Chucky film (to go with the latest Hot Topic exclusive bride of Chucky POP!) Last in the Dorbz line is Gizmo and Stripe from Gremlins, they both have the same number (#185) in the glam shots, so i’m not sure if one is a chase or if it’s just an error!

Glam shots and details of all those and more coming up!

Cthulhu #183 – Coming September

Funko Horror Collection

Chase GITD Cthulhu #183 – Coming September


Chucky #184 – Coming September


Gizmo #185 – Coming September


Stripe #185 – Coming September


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