Day: August 23, 2016

New Once Upon a Time Funko POPs! Coming Oct 2016!

Here we have the glam shots of the new Once Upon a Time POPs! Four new POPs will be coming soon to join the previous release of 6 POPs making the total now 10 (Not including exclusives). This time we will be getting a new Regina this time she will be holding a fireball. The second […]

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Play & Collect Exclusive Fallout Locksmith Funko POP! Out Now! #118

This Exclusive Fallout Locksmith is the latest in the line of Fallout Funko POPs! Considering he is #118 i am guessing he is only the first in a line of new Fallout POPs. He also happens to come from a vendor that i haven’t used before, it seems more and more companies are getting into the […]

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Barnes & Noble Funko Mystery Boxes Out Now! Exclusive Killer Croc #102

Barnes and Noble have been sneakily packaging their latest Exclusive Killer Croc inside 3 different mystery boxes!

These mystery boxes come in at a price of $29.95 (before tax) and all contain 6 items. There are 3 different types of mystery boxes! So it isn’t random, there is Mystery Box A, B and C. Each of these have predetermined contents so you will get one of 3 sets of items. You may find them in stores still! But online there is only Mystery Box A left, but really we only want to get the Killer Croc exclusive of course!

If you’re interested in more details go ahead and press the read more button, i will post the contents of all 3 boxes! (Yes they want to get rid of their Minion Mystery Minis and Olaf Keychains lol)

Click here to be taken straight to the page for ordering Mystery Box A.

Exclusive Killer Croc

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BAM Exclusive Golden Cthulu Up! Preorder Now! #03

BAM (Books A Million) have just put their newest Exclusive POP up for Pre-order! And he is .. Golden Cthulu! This is obviously going to be a must have for any lovecraft fans! As far as i know he is the 5th Cthulu POP that has been released (1 original and 4 variants) including the EE […]

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GameStop Exclusive League of Legends Funko Box Out Now!

Out only a couple of days ago is the just released League of Legends Funko Box! Not currently available online, this box has mostly been distrubuted in low quantities to your local GameStop stores, the retail price of this box is $24.99 (before tax). After opening this box i can say it is certainly worth the money! I was planning on getting it when i thought it only had 3 items, but the 4 item makes it more than worth what you pay if you consider what they usually charge for POPs, Keychains and Mystery Minis.

The contents are as follows, 1x Gamestop Exclusive Amumu Funko POP!, 1x GameStop Exclusive Thresh Pocket POP! Keychain, 1x GameStop Exclusive Lucian Mystery mini and lastly 1x GameStop Exclusive pack of 3 Mini Poro figures (these are Funko branded). Read more to see the full photos of each item!

Click here to go straight to the page at GameStop! It isn’t for purchase online, but from here you can check store availability in your area!

For those of you in Canada, click here.

League of Legends Funko Box



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Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery Funko POP Keychains in Stores Now!

Don’t worry! Funko heard you about the Mystery POPs, they took care of the situation by bring you Mystery Funko POP Keychains! In a similar fashion to the Mystery POPs, there will be 4 available outcomes. 3 regular (at a rate of 1/3) and 1 chase (at a rate of 1/12 perhaps). The 3 regular options […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Fallout Mystery Funko POPs! Out Now!

Are you ready for more mystery POPs? No? Well you’re getting them anyway! With the new Fallout Mystery POPs!

Some said they had had enough of the mystery POPs but Hot Topic in partnership with Funko is making sure you get your fill! Especially as there will be another 5 mystery POP selections after this one. The first Mystery POPs were Deadpool themed, the second, Deadpool themed. Luckily this time it’s Fallout! There are 4 different outcomes you can get; Toughness, Medic and Thumbs Up Vault Boy are the 3 basic ones coming in at a chance of 1/3. The chase this time is the Skeletal Vault Boy who is also Glow in the Dark. See below for the glam shots..

Note: These are no longer for sale online! But you can still find plenty in stores.

Fallout Mystery Funko POPs


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Preacher Exclusives Soon! GameStop, Hot Topic and PX Previews

Preacher Exclusives are coming soon ! Aside from the regular 3 Preacher POPs, there will be 3 more coming to stores (all exclusives). The first will be a Preacher Jesse POP, the second a Bloody Cassidy POP and the third is a Tulip POP. Look below for the glam shots!

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