Funko POP News Micro Update 85.0

Went on a little hunt for a few Funko POPs today, Walmart were extremely helpful in telling me they had 12 Alpha 5 POPs in stock but where they were? No one knew. I had success at Target though, i found the beautiful Garderobe Belle Exclusive. I hope your searches are faring well! Have some micro Funko POP News for the day!

  1. This is for ECCC attendees, Funko are now sending out emails to those who won the lottery to buy the exclusive POPs. For those who didn’t win, the ticketed session ends around 2PM each day where anyone can enter.
  2. Funko have announced their schedule for ECCC with a few events happening.
    1. Friday at 5PM at the Funko booth there will be a Funko artist signing, including;
      1. Amos Maldonado
      2. Shanna Duncan
      3. Mike Martin
    2. Saturday at 3PM there will be Funko artists sketching, including;
      1. Eddie Irizarry
      2. Greg Ham
      3. Nnenna Ijiomah
      4. Sean Wilkinson
      5. Shanna Duncan
    3. On Saturday at 5PM there will be a very exciting Funko Panel taking place in WSCC 611.
  3. The Walmart Exclusive Skelita Calaveras is only $5.29 right now!
  4. Some cool shots of the new Blue and Radiant Megazord Hikari’s from /u/tylepathay.
  5. One for the Canadians, the Best Buy exclusive Unmasked Reinhardt is now available for pre-order.
  6. Funko released a video from the New York Toy Fair featuring most of the Funko staff members, they each show their favorite new item.
  7. Also from YouTube come watch Jon and Yoko stumble around the Toy Fair seeing what they find!
  8. Close up shots of the new normal and relic Megazord Hikari’s from /u/Nickynagz.
  9. Recently a Funko artist stated that they won’t be doing more 6″ POPs for a while, though the Funko Twitter has disputed this fact. Who to believe? I wonder.
  10. Here’s a shot of the upcoming GameStop / ECCC shared exclusive Emerald Pharah in the wild.
  11. The Walmart Exclusive village Belle has been spotted in Canada!
    1. Here’s a link to her page, please note, not live for sale yet.
    2. Also here’s a BrickSeek link.
  12. The highly sought after Target exclusive Weapon X has been spotted in the wild, in Texas.
  13. GameStop exclusive Kingdom Hearts Goofy POP is showing up as in stock, unknown if it is an error or not as Funko stated Kingdom Hearts is set for April.
  14. An awesome shot of the new 10″ toddler Groot standing next to the original Groot from /u/iliketoeatwatermelon.
  15. Funko had their regular Q&A session on Twitter today, here’s the highlights.
    1. New FNAF figures being released around April / May.
    2. Another 10″ figure, possibility.
    3. Hoth Leia and other new Leia POPs coming soon.
    4. All ECCC shared exclusives to be announced soon.
    5. Many more Harry Potter POPs to come.
    6. Funko hints at a new POP with the theme fictional space movie.
    7. Exclusives from Darkwing Duck coming.
    8. More Vinyl Idolz coming.
    9. Something fun for Smuggler’s Bounty coming next week.
    10. Parks and Rec POP dates coming soon.
    11. No Funko at C2E2 this year, maybe next year.
    12. Possibility for more Ad Icon POPs.
    13. Possible Riverdale POPs.
    14. Maybe a Batwoman POP.
    15. Second wave of Gravity Falls if they sell well.
    16. Westworld POPs probably released this Summer.
    17. Gravity Falls POPs releasing in May.
    18. Images of Metallica POPs soon.
    19. There will still be many Disney Parks exclusives outside of the Disney Treasures Box.

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Walgreens Exclusive Juggernaut Funko POP! Coming March!

Do you know who i am? Get ready for the Walgreens Exclusive Juggernaut Funko POP!

Walgreens is hitting up the X Men line with the Juggernaut POP coming soon, and he’s looking pretty awesome. Sure to be a hit with fans of the show and comics alike, i’m wondering what size he will be. At first i was thinking maybe he should be a 6″ POP? But now that i think about it he’s tall, but not that tall. From doing a little research he’s around 6 foot 10 inches tall!

Another funny thing is that of his head. Funko POPs of course as we know all have large heads, but the Juggernaut (in the source material) has a very small head compared to his huge body, to me that’s a funny contrast. What are your thoughts on this guy? I’ll be on the lookout for him for sure. Glam shot and info coming up!

X-Men – Juggernaut #196 (Walgreens Exclusive)

Walgreens Exclusive Juggernaut Funko POP

Star Wars Logo

May the Face be with You. Star Wars Funko MyMoji! Coming 2017!

Real life emoticons with the Star Wars Funko MyMoji line!

Welcome to the part 37 and the last of our London Toy Fair series. Stay tuned, because the New York Toy Fair series coming up!

Yes, feel free to ignore my terrible pun in the title. What’s that, it’s the best pun ever? Oh why thank you! Kidding. The last in the London Toy Fair line are these Star Wars themed MyMojis, should we call that ending on a high note? I’m not the biggest fan of their MyMoji line, i purchased a few from the DC series not long ago and the quality was pretty bad. Are there any MyMoji collectors out there? What are your opinions on them. Seeing as they’re still making them they must have a few fans out there, if i had to pick my favorite MyMoji line would be the Disney ones. Glam shot and info coming up!

Star Wars – MyMoji

Star Wars Funko MyMoji


That’s Not All Folks. Looney Tunes Funko Dorbz! Coming 2017!

Funko has no shortage of products for you animation fans, welcome the new Looney Tunes Funko Dorbz! And to part 36, the second to last of our London Toy Fair series!

It’s nice to finally see some Looney Tunes in the Funko line, these Dorbz come straight after the announcement of the Space Jam line. Those may not specifically be called the Looney Tunes line but they may as well be. Looking below makes me wonder, how will Bugs Bunny fit inside a regular Dorbz box? With Dorbz their heads are always pretty close to the top, so i suppose they may just have to make him smaller .. or create a special box for him. So what do you think? Overall i’m pretty excited for this line, but not excited for the inevitable large amount of Chases and Exclusives. Glam shots and info coming up!

Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny #?

Looney Tunes Funko Dorbz

Looney Tunes – Daffy Duck #?

Looney Tunes – Elma Fudd #?

Looney Tunes – Pete Puma #?


Tunesquad. Space Jam Funko POPs! Coming April!

Get ready to slam with the upcoming Space Jam Funko POPs! Welcome to part 35 of our London Toy Fair series!

Here we have a classic film, well classic film and cartoon combined. I was around 10 when this came out back in 1996, and i still remember it being a huge deal at the time! It was marketed heavily, and from what comes to mind i certainly enjoyed it. What about you? You may notice there is no Michael Jordan POP, that’s not surprising, i’m sure getting a license for him is way too expensive for Funko. Regardless, i’m sure most are just interested in the animated characters anyway! This film is still the highest grossing basketball based movie of all time, which is surprising as it has hard competition, let me think of all those great basketball films hm.. kidding. Glam shots and info coming up!

Space Jam – Bugs Bunny #413

Space Jam Funko POPs

Space Jam – Tasmanian Devil #414

Space Jam – Tasmanian Devil [Chase] #414

Space Jam – Marvin the Martian #415

Space Jam – Swackhammer #416

Read more to see more! Blue Monstar!


The Walking Dead In Memoriam Funko Mystery Minis! Coming 2017!

Mourn your favorite characters with The Walking Dead In Memoriam Funko Mystery Minis! Welcome to part 34 of our London Toy Fair series!

In a similar vein to what they did 2 years ago at SDCC 2015, where they released an in memoriam set of characters from Game of Thrones. They are now doing the same with the Walking Dead, it basically means it’s a line of characters who have died in the show and they do them either in black and white or noir colors. As you can see below the colors are very toned down, what are your thoughts on series like this? Seeing that there is way more than 12 below it’s certainly not going to be a 1 in 12 situation, probably will have up to 1 in 36 rarities with exclusives on top. Glam shot and info coming up!

Walking Dead Season 8 Mystery Minis – In Memoriam

The Walking Dead In Memoriam Funko Mystery Minis


Heroes Wanted. Overwatch Wave 2 Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

Who’s your favorite hero? Overwatch Wave 2 Funko POPs coming soon! Welcome to part 33 of our London Toy Fair series!

Here we have our first look at the second wave of Overwatch POPs, the incredibly popular game from Blizzard. It seems Blizzard can do no wrong as every game they make is a hit, i know i certainly enjoyed Diablo but haven’t played Overwatch .. yet. How about you? Are there any Overwatch fans here. They are pretty well suited to POPs for sure, as with any game that has a varied and interesting character base. Each character has bright colors, interesting details and large differences which makes them all great to look at. There are 6 to start with but you can be sure there will be more, and exclusives! I’m definitely liking D.Va in her mech suit, has a hint of the Titanfall 2 POPs. Glam shots and info coming up!

Overwatch – McCree #?

Overwatch Wave 2 Funko POPs

Overwatch – Lucio #?

Overwatch – Symmetra#?

Overwatch – Mei #?

Overwatch – 6″ D.Va in Mech Suit #?

Overwatch – 6″ Reinhardt #?